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How To Use Guava Leaves To Treat Diabetes



Diabetes is one of the most common inherited diseases. It must be said that the blood sugar level or the insulin is not functioning properly. Although diabetes is hereditary, it is also caused by dietary habits.It is not wrong to say that sweets are the main enemy of diabetes. Diabetes can lead to serious heart problems. This can lead to many problems, including stroke.Diabetes is not possible to cure it completely. But it can also be managed with proper discipline. Reducing the amount of rice food and sweets is important. Along with this, proper exercise is also important.

Many rely on English medicines and insulin injections to control diabetes. Home remedies are more beneficial than turning to these methods.

Guava leaves is a natural herbal remedy that helps control diabetes. Guava leaves is an excellent medicine for this. Using guava leaves in particular helps to control diabetes. Learn how to use it.

Guava leaves

Guava leaves is used for this purpose. Prevention of diabetes can be made by making a cup of tea. Drinking this daily has proven to be beneficial for diabetes control.

Guava leaf tea

This tea is easy to prepare. A few leaves are used for this purpose. Put it in boiling water and leave it for half an hour. The tea can then be boiled using this water as usual. It is better not to add sugar. If sweet is necessary, you can add honey . But adding honey to hot tea or water is not advisable.

Infact, this tea can be used to control any severe diabetes. This is healthy drug that can be used by anyone.

Other benefits of Guava tea :

1. fat

Drinking this tea not only cures diabetes but also has many other benefits. It is also a great way to control fat as it helps with fat loss and diabetes control. It contain zero calories. It also reduces appetite.

2. Bad cholesterol

It is also a good way to lower bad cholesterol.guava leaves contain antioxidants. It also helps to remove bad cholesterol. People with cholesterol can try this.

3. Cancer

This tea is also a great way to get rid of diseases like cancer. Its antioxidant properties help to remove toxins in the body. Especially the antioxidants that contain lycopene. It is great for preventing oral, prostate and breast cancers.

4. For liver health

Guava leaves tea is great for liver health as it helps to remove toxins in the liver. Its antioxidant properties are also helpful.

5. for the health of the mouth

This tea is great for mouth health too. Especially if it is a mouth-watering condition. It is also good for gums. It is best to wash the mouth. Drinking is also good.

6. A good remedy for digestive problems

Drinking this tea is a good remedy for digestive problems. Especially when you have diarrhea. Its antimicrobial properties provide this advantage. It removes harmful bacteria. It’s also great for acidity problems

7. Heart health

This tea is one of the best Ayurvedic Medicine for the health . It helps to reduce BP. The antioxidants in it helps to control the cholesterol and diabetes. All these problems are a serious problem in heart health.


Do You Know That You Can Use Unripe Paw Paw For Ulcer Treatment?



Today we will be looking at how we can use unripe pawpaw to cure a popular infection that troubles a lot of people known as Ulcer.

After we are done here you should check out my other herbal remedy, you can do that by clicking on my page.

So let me start by telling you how to make this herbal mixture using unripe pawpaw

– buy or pluck 1 raw pawpaw

Note : Do not peel it or remove the seed

– rinse the body very well to remove dirt from it

– cut it open and chop it into small parts

– keep it in a container

– add water and cover for 4 days

– after the 4th day, filter the water out into another container.

– drink this early morning before you eat and at night before you sleep

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Four Spiritual Benefits Of Bathing With Scent Leaf



1. If You bath with scent leaf, you become spiritually strong and the evil cannot harm you

At the point when a person attempts to attack you , they will rapidly discover that you are off limits area. This is because of your scent leaf bath. They will look for you yet won’t discover you. This makes it outlandish for them to harm or hurt you spiritually.

Recall that I said you ought to speak into your life while taking this bath. Truly, it ought to be a form of prayer to God Almighty who is insurance himself. Whoever is made sure about by God has a guaranteed safety forever. So while taking your bath, open your mouth and pray, mentioning to God what you want from him. God is too faithful to even think about failing and will never fail you now. Amen

2. It drives evil people away from you

At the point when you regularly bathe with Scent leaf, the spiritual intensity of this scent leaf which is presently contained in your bathing water diffuses into your skin and body. Presently even in your home or outside, evil people or people with bad expectations will always stay away from you.

3. Scent leaf water heals you of any spiritual injury or attack from a person who does not mean any good for you

On the off chance that you notice any pain or hot sensation on any part of your body and you are certain you didn’t scratch yourself anywhere, you ought to consider a scent leaf bath immediately. Try not to wait until things turn crazy, avoidance is superior to fix.

4. It cancels out the spell and curses of evil people

at the point when somebody places a revile on you or a spell, in the event that you bathe with Scent leaf water, the spell or revile of a jealous person would be broken. At the point when you watch a delay or stagnation in your life , attempt as fast as you can to bathe with scent leaf water.


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Want To Conceive? Blend This Leaf And Drink Twice A Day For Two Weeks



Best way to Handle Miscarriage, Infertility and boost Ovulation.

After marriage, the next agenda of every young couples is how to have their own offsprings. As child/children is the fruit(s) of every marriage.

However, there are several complications which affect most women that hinder their ability to get pregnant. Some are due to infections which usually attack the womb, some is infertility while some are dealing with frequent miscarriage.

Either of the listed reasons, there’s a natural plants which the herbal practitioners have confirmed to be very good for women who are willing to conceive, this amazing and effective plant is called Amunututu.

Amunututu has an English name to be Malabar Spinach while it’s local name remains Amunututu (Yoruba). It literally means “a cool appetiser to the stomach” and also ‘Toromoganna”, which means ‘a wall climber”. Botanically, it’s called Basella alba and it belongs to Basellaceae family.

Amunututu contains the following properties which makes it very effective; Fat, Protein, Vitamin, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin, Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Fiber, Water content, Mineral Salts, Sugar, Calcium, Phosphorus, Niacin and Riboflavin.

Method of preparation:

* Get fresh and clean Amunututu leaves

* Wash with water

* Blend the leaves properly

* Pour the juice in a container

* Start drinking the juice twice daily for two weeks.

Note: Remember to have sexual intercourse with your husband while ovulating.

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