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Keke driver joyfully wedded His Wife With His Keke Napep (Photo)



Keke driver and his wife joyfully wedded with their Keke Napep as other Keke drivers lined up on convoy to honor them.  This type of wedding won’t allow you to spend much, it will look so funny yet it attracks a lot of viewers as everybody will like to witness this with their two naked eyes.

The most important thing is that you have wedded, expensive car and other costly things you choose to attach to it doesn’t matter much. Never you go on a wedding that will land you into debt or extravagant spending that you will later regret. Never you marry a woman that will dictate to you the type of car and wedding gown that she will like to wear on her wedding day. Rather marry a woman who will always identify and reason with you. Who will know that after marriage, another life begins. Again, never you do because Mr A or B do like that, instead,cut your coat according to your size.
After wedding, you need to rest and enjoy your honey moon with your wife not thinking of how to pay back the money you borrowed to do the wedding, think about this. A word is enough for the wise. Know that after marriage, the real journey of life begins.
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US Election: Do You advise Donald Trump To Accept Defeat?



What is your opinion on this just concluded Presidential election of the United States of America that has taken too long to announce the winner? Or do you think they should go on with Joe Biden whom CNN and other declared a projected winner? What is your opinion on this?

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Do You Support ENDSARS Protesters To Commence Another Round Of Protest Since FG Is Unable To Meet Up With Their Demands?



What is your opinion on this, let’s hear your opinions!.  Since it happened that federal government cannot attend to the demands of the young Nigerian Youths who took to all streets of Nigeria a peaceful Protest as regards the end of SARS and police brutality in Nigeria. And they are being killed by the security agents who supposed to secure and guide them to safely  during their peaceful Protest. Do you advice the Youths to resume same Protest?


What is your take on this?




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The Full Meaning Of The word “WIFE”



W – Wise in Communication

Industrious and Innocent in character

F – Forgiving in conflict

E – Excellent in counsel and comfort.

If as a wife, this acronym does not tally with your character, you can never win your spouse.

Let analyse the acronym, one by one.

1. W – Wise in communication

Many wives have wrecked their homes and marriages due to poor communicating skill. As a wife, you need wisdom to communicate certain issues and ideas to your spouse. A great communicating skill will help you have great access to your husband and home at large.

2. I – Industrious and Innocent in Character

Secondly, if you want to win your husband to yourself, you must be Industrious i.e hardworking. You may be hardworking in the circular aspect, but you also need to bring it to family and marriage aspect. Try as much as possible you can to put the house in order and your marriage will be like heaven here on earth.

Also, as a wife, you must try as much as possible to be innocent in character. This means that your spouse should not have reason to suspect you, neither should he think that you are always keeping a secret from him. You must be plain in dealing with him.

3. F – Forgiving in Conflict

In every relationship, conflict is always part of the journey and it has an antidote which is forgiveness.

As a wife, forgiveness means letting go the pains you received when being hurt. It also means surrendering your right to hurt you back if you hurt me. One may be tempted not to forgive considering the gravity of the offense, but if you let it grow into full hatred, you are gradually losing your emotions towards the relationship and if not careful the relationship may be dissolved.

4. E – Excellent in counsel and comfort.

Lastly, as a wife you must be able to give great counsel to your husband and not evil one just as Jezebel in the Bible. With these, your marriage will have a smooth ride.

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