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If Buhari Finally Restructures Nigeria Before He Leave, He Will Become A Hero And We All Will Be Happy With Him – Iwuanyanwu



ELDER statesman and leading Igbo politician, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has said that if President Muhammadu Buhari restructures Nigeria, he will be leaving office as a hero and Nigerians will be happy.

Iwuanyanwu further stated that there is no going back on the clamour for a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023, even as he announced that he has since embarked on extensive consultations with Nigeria leaders across the country.

According to Iwuanyanwu, from his consultations so far, he was positive that the project would sail through and receive the support of people from other parts of the country.


He said that Nigeria needs Igbo just as the Igbos also need other regions in the journey of 2023 presidency.

Iwuanyanwu however, argued that for Nigeria to stabilize there is need to restructure this country and return it to the federating units to fasten development and give every part of the country a good sense of belonging. He recalled that when Nigeria was operating three regions, the East, West and North, that they largely enjoyed autonomy.

He argued that with restructuring, citizens know when and where their resources are being channelled to and what they are used for.

“Nigeria is a country of many ethnic nationalities. In such a federation you must take the interest of everybody into account in whatever you are doing.

“Remember that Lord Lugard did not hold a meeting with anybody to discuss ethnic nationalities. But it was Richard that brought in this federation idea with the three regions the North, West and East.

“It is clear to me that one of the major problems we have is that you cannot have stability in any federation when the interest of any ethnic nationality is not captured.

“In the case of Nigeria, Igbos are the major ethnic group but it is clear that over the years, especially recently, there is deliberate effort to treat Igbos with disdain. They know Igbos are not given the opportunity to participate at the highest political office.

“In independence, our founding fathers saw this problem, by creating what many called a true federation for all the three federating units before we started having four regions and so on.

“On Igbo presidency, I have consulted many Nigerians, many important Nigerians, all men of conscience and they said that it will be unfair if anybody says it is not the turn of the Igbos and all of them supported the Igbo presidency”, Iwuanyanwu said.

Speaking further, he said: “That time we had only three regions, they have certain level of autonomy, the autonomy was good that they were working hard to develop their own regions.

“They did not have to come to Lagos to beg every month for revenue to service their state; that time there was no oil. That is why I am fully in support of restructuring which is in line with the dreams of our founding fathers’ vision and if we do it, I think Nigeria will be better. The best thing for Nigeria now is to restructure and it will be easier to discover fraud and checkmate other excesses”.

On the rising insecurity in the country, particularly the activities of Boho Haram, Iwuanyanwu retorted: “Who are these Boko Haram; what do they want. At first, they said that they don’t want Western education. They have engaged us for years now. I think that we need to restructure and set up state police including at the local government level.

“Let me tell you, Buhari has fought a very strong war which is corruption. At my age now, I should be able to say the truth. But if he is not careful he will leave Nigeria worse than he met it. But if he restructures this country he will be leaving as a hero and Nigerians will be happy with him.


Those Of You Supporting Trump In The Name Of Christianity Are The Problem Of Nigeria – Uti Nwachukwu



Nigeria Reality star, Uti Nwachukwu has said that those supporting Donald Trump in recent US Presidential election all in the name of Christianity are the problem of Nigeria.

According to him, Trump clearly perpetuated hate, division and anarchy.

He wrote: ”I’m so ashamed of the hypocritical brain washed Nigerians supporting Trump all in the name of Christianity!

“SOMEONE THAT CLEARLY PERPETUATED HATE, DIVISION AND ANARCHY!! This is who u people were holding vigils for? Is this the love Jesus preached? He will be so disappointed.

“If you ever tweeted or shouted #EndSARS and you are a trump supporter ALL IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY , then YOU ARE PART OF OUR MAIN PROBLEM IN NIGERIA!!

“You are part of the reason why we have suffered injustice and bad governance in Nigeria! U disgust me!!Tueh HYPOCRITE!!!!”

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2023: Northern Groups Drums Support For Another Goodluck Jonathan Presidency



According to the newspaper, groups in the region believe that if Jonathan becomes president, northern interest will benefit and are now trying to build the momentum to return him as president.




An unnamed source privy to the plan by the northern groups reportedly said the support for Jonathan has a strong chance of getting the backing from both the northern and southeastern parts of the country.

The source who was not named said:

“My brother, you know there is no way the North will support the agitation of the Southeast for the presidency, but we all know that if Jonathan comes out that the Southeast will not oppose him,” a source who is not directly involved but privy to the plot disclosed.”

The source reportedly said the northern groups behind the plan are trying to get Governor Nyesom Wike who is considered an ally of the former president to support the idea.

However, it should be noted that Goodluck Jonathan in the past has denied any interest in contesting for the presidency.



The former president made it clear that he was focused on his foundation.


In another news, an APC chieftain in Anambra state, Odu Onyeka, has revealed what will make the Igbo presidency possible in 2023

Onyeka said the entire southeast must unite to achieve the 2023 presidential ambition. The APC chieftain said if the party can get it right in Anambra, the southeast will unite for the common goal in 2023.

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Tension As APC Chairman’s Wife Attacked As Tugs Hijacked Electoral Materials In Edo



A band of thugs loyal to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP have reportedly hijacked electoral materials at a polling unit in Tipper Garage, Egor.

According to eyewitness reports, the wife of the APC chairman in the area was also attacked as she tried to resist the thugs.

She was seriously injured and is currently receiving treatment at a private hospital. Photos below;

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