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South East Now Divided Between Biafra And 2023 Igbo Presidency – Opinion



Biafra or Presidency: One of the geopolitical zones in Nigeria that has complained about marginalisation is the southeastern part of the country.

It appears that the zone is now divided between Biafra and Igbo presidency in 2023.




There are people who believe that Biafra restoration is what is needed to gain prosperity for the people of southeast.

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu, who is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has consistently say that it is either Biafra or nothing.

There are also politicians on the other hand who believe that Biafra agitations must stop so that the Igbo Presidency comes 2023 will be a reality. To them it is easier to get the presidency than to keep demanding for Biafra which is not feasible.

The people of the region are now divided between the two ideas. Some are saying that what they want is Biafra restoration while others especially the politicians, ohanaeze and some elders are Clamouring for Igbo Presidency which they believed that it’s their turn to rule Nigeria.



The challenge now is that who will unite the two ideas so as to arrived at a United vision?

Will Southeast get it right this time around and for the first time, emerge as president of Nigeria?

Some politicians like Orji Uzor Kalu has been speaking out on what he will do for the country if allowed to serve as president of Nigeria in 2023.

Biafra News

Breaking: “Ejemma” Will Be The Name Of Biafra Currency When Restored – Nnamdi Kanu



Nnamdi Kanu during his broadcast this morning made it clear that when Biafra is being restored, the name of the currency that we will be used will be called “Ejemma” And immediately he said this, there was a lot of questions going round on social media.

People were asking what this Ejemma which will be the Biafra currency means. They really wants to know if this currency has more weight and value more than Dollar, pound and other currencies including the Naira.

As it stands,they are still waiting for more explanations about this currency. And we believe that mazi Nnamdi Kanu will later explain deeply what this money which is going to be the Biafra currency is all about .

Be patient as more details is coming.

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Biafra News

Biafra: “No going Back No Matter How Hard The Saboteurs May Try” – IPOB Market Zone 1, Obigbo LGA 3 Declares




Market Zone 1 Family in Obigbo Local Government Area 3 of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Igweocha, Biafraland, has unequivocally affirmed that there is absolutely no going back in their efforts to restore Biafra. This declaration was made during the visit of the LGA Executives to the zone on Sunday 23rd August, 2020.

The family members expressed great hope that Biafra was much closer than imagined, adding that her restoration as a sovereign nation can never be substituted even as the Nigerian state has turned Biafraland as it’s hunting/killing field.

In his address, the Obigbo Area 3 Coordinator, Mazi Eze Ndu, highlighted the fact that IPOB is a moving train and that any Biafran that has not yet embarked, has no other time for enlistment other than now. He further stated that Nigeria is an irredeemably failed state, with a restored Biafra as the only solution.

In her speech, the Zonal Women Coordinator, Mrs. Ezinne Chikezie Magboh affirmed that the fight for Biafra remains one for survival and should not be an avenue for intimidation. “We are women who are ready to die for Biafra”, she stated. The women leader, Mrs. Ezinne Cletus Nkechi on her part, clearly expressed her displeasure with the prevalent unbearable suffering of the Biafran people, maintaining that it was not an experience bargained for and so, must never ever be tolerated henceforth.

The gathering was further greeted with a dedication ceremony of twin babies the Biafran family was additionally blessed with. The entire event had colorful, peaceful and calm atmosphere with the Biafran, Israeli and United States flags flying above with adorable signature.

The meeting successfully came to a close amidst joy of fulfillment, to God’s glory.

— Godswill Leeleebari Gabriel
Reporting for Family Writers Press International.

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Biafra News

You Don’t Have Right To Change Biafra Flag – MASSOB Tells Nnamdi Kanu



MASSOB has allerged that one Person Has No Right to Change the Biafran  Flag. This came after the IPOB leader,the mazi Nnamdi Kanu inserted the star of David into the Biafran Flag. 

Kingsparo Blog reported that Nnamdi Kanu, The leader of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, has released a new design of Biafran flag.

The flag, according to Kanu is a new design which has the inscription of the Star of David portraying the Israelites Jewish Religion. Which also, represent the Igbo origin known as “Eri Heritage”. If You Missed It Read Here!




Comrade Samuel Edeson, a spokesman for the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (Massob), has said that reorganizing the Biafran flag “One person has no right to change Biafran Flag.”

Comrade Edeson said that heIt is his business. What did his allies do to him that he did it on behalf of Ipob or that the Biafrans agreed to do it?”

The government has criticized the search for Biafra

When BBC Igbo called Ralph Uwazuruike, the leader of the Biafra Independent Movement (Bim) on the phone to get his views on Kanu’s new flag, he said he would not answer it.



Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob), a leader in the struggle for the partition of Nigeria, has explained why he changed the flag of the founders of Biafra.

In his statement, Kanu said only the “Star of David is what the British collected in Nigeria and added to their flag is an indication of Igbo identity”.

Kanu, who went on to say that they would ‘not change the character of the‘ Coat of Arm ’.

He also said that critics of the flag who claim to be non-Jews, or say that he wants to force them to be ‘Jews’ are a complete lack of understanding that bothers them.

The Biafran flag is a bright red, black and green cloth with a picture of the sun shining in the center.

In a message broadcast on Wednesday night, Nnamdi Kanu said that “I did not put out the flag, but we put the ‘Star of David’ on it,“.

He went on to say that the flag represents the foundation of the Igbo people.

He said that “anyone who rejects this new flag” knows that he has the devil in him. 

According to the Flags of the World (FOTW) website, the Biafran flag was hoisted on May 30, 1967 and was modeled on the flag of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the African Communities League founded by Marcus Harvey. .

The flag was raised by the former leader of the Massob Uwazuruike faction when he began his struggle for the independence of Biafra.

The Ipob also used the Biafran flag as their symbol until Wendezde day when Kanu announced that they had changed it to be the flag.

What’s Your Opinion About The New Flag? Comment Below We Are Reading Your Comments!

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